Attachments should always be considered suspicious and dangerous.

While a recipient might open an attachment sent from a safe source, it's not. After an attachment resides on two email servers, theirs and yours it's script can easily be altered, because it's an executable we know the rest of the story. A good reason why Microsoft is banning attachments.

Documents or images shared in email as attachments fail as often as offending the recipient. Even when crucial steps are taken to prepare the images (compression and size) the problems are far from over. Email systems are not designed to transfer large files or attachments, as attachments seem to have been designated to carry viruses- not to mention rendering a preview on limited screen space can be an issue. Images not only need to be prepared they also need to be web-enabled. Web-enabling means that html type email pages are created and the images are uploaded to a web server from your desktop and then rendered directly into the email message, a process that creates email messages that are never greater in size than the text, regardless of image size or quantity. Other advantages are that your Images or e-marketing displays in the email message with your text. So- today's lesson is that prepare and enable are two different and essential requirements.

Email created by Icu software provides the greatest protection because it is simple HTML and contains no scripts or attachments.